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Since 1966, our firm has provided quality legal representation to people from all walks of life. Our civil litigation practice focuses on personal injury law, including pharmaceuticals and drugs; auto and trucking accidents; medical malpractice; environmental law; products liability; and negligence cases. Our attorneys also handle commercial litigation for plaintiffs or defendants. In personal injury cases, we represent plaintiffs on a contingent-fee basis, that is, "no recovery, no fees". Contact us for a "no cost evaluation" of your case.

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Fargo Lawyers Glossary

Legal Advice On A Car Accident

Unfortunate circumstances come without informing. Car accidents happen in unexpected ways. In some small car accident, you have to face the screech and irritating voice of sleeping wheels. But in serious car accidents you can be a victim of serious injury. It would be helpful to notice the number of the car, which makes you in this condition. At the spot you may take help of the eyewitness and other people those were present at the time to carry you hospital. You should also notice the statement of the eyewitnesses. Your personal injury lawyer can help you for a fair compensation for you.

If you have noticed the car number, phone number, address and license number of the other driver then you can report in police. You may file a legal case against the responsible party and claim for an amount to repair your car and treatment of your injury. You may also appeal to cancel the driving license of the responsible person. In the court you may present eyewitnesses as the proof.

Divorce is a legal term of unhealthy marriage relations. Unfortunately if you are facing a divorce then you should update about the legal processor of divorce. Divorce is the end of marriage relations. Legal separation is just same as the divorce but have a small difference that divorcee people are free to marry again while legally separate people are not allowed to marry again. Divorce and legal separation provides some legal rights to the victim like property division, compensation and child custody.

After one year if you think that there is no chance to make the relations better once again then it can be converted in divorce. According to American laws, before filing for the divorce, you can stay for six months at the same resident and one month in the country where you have filed the case.

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There might be some terrifying moments in most people’s life when they charged with crimes like dui, assault, murder etc. So, at these moments they need a criminal attorney. Criminal Attorneys are those attorneys who specialize in handling the criminal charge cases. They are also known as ‘criminal law specialists’. When dealing with criminal charges, it will be always beneficial to consult or hire best criminal attorney.

Asbestos Lawyers are specialized in handling cases of the individuals or group of people who are diagnosed for asbestos or mesothelioma cancer caused due to asbestos and asbestos containing materials. Asbestos cancer is found in persons who are working in industries such as building, construction, shipbuilding, railroad and automobile. Asbestos lawyer assist the victims in getting financial compensations claims etc.

Though a person himself or his/her family members can file the lawsuit but it will be beneficial to hire an Asbestos lawyer as lawyer knows all about the disease, the resources available to sufferer, and fully trained to deal with compensation claims and lawsuits filed etc. Handling of such a lawsuit is really complex and need a lot of knowledge about the rules prevailed in such cases. Asbestos attorney evaluates the situation very well, especially when filing a lawsuit against companies that have been granted protection by the courts against the individual suits.

Child Support Attorney

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Child Support is defined as a court ordered financial support that is paid by one spouse to the other who has the custody of children after the divorce of parents. The child support remains continued until the children reach the age of majority or becomes emancipated. A Child Support Attorney assist the parents while deciding the support amount or in case of support discontinuation. Though an individual can represent the case in the court but as the child support laws are very complex and it will be always advisable to hire an expert child support attorney for the sake of child’s future.

Small Business Lawyer

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Most of the small businesses don’t pay much attention to their legal side of business, but it can prove disaster for the businesses. The laws which are governing and regulating the small businesses and companies are very vast and numerous and it is difficult to interpret them. So, rather than making wrong legal decisions, it is advisable to hire a small business attorney. A small business attorney helps businesses in making key foundational decisions about the structure and organization of businesses, and in making strategic moves and deals that are crucial for a business success.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Any bodily harm caused to a person such as broken bones, cuts, bruises etc. as a result of an attack, negligence, or accident is categorized as personal injuries. In such cases, to claim any compensation for the injury from the responsible party, you need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney. A Personal Injury Attorney helps you in filing a lawsuit to recover the damages, and tell you about legal rights and procedures involved.

According to the NTHCSA, there are millions of highway traffic accidents annually those results in killing of thousands and injuring millions of people. A Personal Injury Attorney helps you in knowing more about individual’s legal rights and options available following an accident. Attorney assists while settling personal injury claims, dealing with insurance companies like preparation of the claim, estimating the claim amount etc, and represent personal injury case in the court for compensatory and punitive damages.

A Patent is a legal monopoly or a property right granted by the government to the inventors that allows inventors to enjoy the commercial gains their inventions may bring. A Patent Attorney, or a Patent Agent, is a person who is qualified to act in matters involving patent law and practice. A patent attorney is admitted to practice before at least one court, while a patent agent is not admitted to do so.

Hiring a Patent Attorney helps you to obtain patent for any new form of product that you had invented. Patent attorney will persuade the patent examiners that inventions really are new and imaginative. And once the patent is granted, the patent attorney helps the clients to protect their rights, in case patents are being infringed. Patent attorney study and analyze scientific of technical documents, write detailed descriptions of inventions in very precise legal terms, which will form the basis for patents to be granted by patent offices in different parts of the world.

Medical Malpractice or negligence is defined as the negligent medical conduct that a reasonably sensible doctor or other heath care professionals in that field would not do under the similar conditions. It is similar to the negligence by a motorist whose negligence causes injury to some other person. In every state there is a statute which defines the standard of care, skill, and treatment which is recognized as acceptable and appropriate by reasonably prudent similar healthcare providers under the similar conditions.

Pursuing a medical malpractice claim is an expensive and arduous undertaking for any law firm and proving the claim requires expertise, resources and tenacity. Your first step could be to contact a professional malpractice attorney to tackle with such incidents as they help to assess whether there was a malpractice or not and you generally would be asked to pay for the cost of that initial assessment.

Paralegals are also known as Legal Assistants. Their working is very similar to a lawyer but they are not supposed to give legal advice or present case in the court. They are qualified through education, training or work experience which is considered essential to perform substantive legal work that require knowledge of legal concepts and that is customarily but not exclusively performed by lawyer. Paralegals work on contract basis or employed by an attorney, a law firm, or a government agency, etc and these agencies appoint an attorney or an active member of State Bars to supervise and give advice to paralegal whenever required.

Lawyer or an attorney is an independent agent or consultant who interprets the law through actions and words for the protection of his or her clients in legal matters. A lawyer is a backbone of our legal system as they act as the source of communication between a common man and the law. Lawyer represents their clients, may be an individual or a group, in criminal and civil trials by submitting evidences and debating in the court to support their client.

A lawyer suggests particular courses of action in business or personal matters after counseling their clients and also makes their clients aware of their legal rights and duties. All lawyers are legally authorized or licensed to represent their clients in the courts and lawyer’s job aspects usually depend upon their field of specialization and position. Lawyer chooses their field of specialization while entering the professional world by practicing privately or by joining a law firm.

A lawyer is a legal practitioner, who is certified to give legal counsel to clients in legal matters. A lawyer represents the practical application of legal theory and knowledge to solve real problems or to advance the interests of client that hire lawyers for legal services.

Depending on area of expertise, there are several types of lawyers, such as accident lawyers, adoption lawyers, appeal lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, business lawyers, civil right lawyers, copyright lawyers, criminal lawyers, defense lawyers, disability lawyers, divorce lawyers, immigration lawyers, injury lawyers, internet lawyers, litigation lawyers, malpractice lawyers, mesothelioma lawyers, patent lawyers, real estate lawyers, and tax lawyers.


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